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8PI Control Panel
8PI Control Panel from version 2.11b includes signed drivers for Win 8.x
! Some recent Win 10 updates require to run 8PI Control Panel as Administrator !
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Examples of 8PI Control Panel C/C++ and LabView programs with DLL:
Mode of operation Description Source file Project file
ADWG Reads a configuration file and executes a simple run Cpp file .zip fileADWG project (.zip)
ADWG Programs a set of patterns and loops infinitely through them. Cpp file
ADWG Shows how to enter samples directly through C/C++ function calls. Cpp file
ADWG Shows how to set up a repetitive trigger Cpp file
Analyzer Shows how to set up and run a simple data acquisition Cpp file .zip file
Analyzer project (.zip)
Analyzer Shows how to setup and run simple acquisition with trigger Cpp file
Software downloads January 3, 2013

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