END OF LIFE NOTICE – Storm, Xpress & GP241xx series

As of April, 23rd, 2018, Byte Paradigm announces the end-of-life of all models of SPI Storm, LOG Storm, Xpress and GP-241xx series.

The sales of the devices mentioned above will continue within the limits of our stocks. If the stocks are not sufficient to fulfill orders, minimum order quantities apply to all new productions.

GP Series multi-function devices

  • Multi-function Digital Pattern Generator / Logic Analyzer
  • 8 MB, 16 MB or 32 MB memory
  • 100 MHz max data frequency / data sampling
  • 16 bit data width
  • Includes *entry-level* SPI and I²C master modes of operation
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Price starts at: 1.000 EUR

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8PI Control Panel


GP-241xx Series – Multi-function digital pattern generator & logic analyzer October 29, 2012