END OF LIFE NOTICE – Storm, Xpress & GP241xx series

As of April, 23rd, 2018, Byte Paradigm announces the end-of-life of all models of SPI Storm, LOG Storm, Xpress and GP-241xx series.
Our stocks are exhausted.

  • Record GIGABYTES of bus traffic
  • Zero-latency trigger rearm
  • Up to 8 MS memory buffer
  • 20 bit / 100 MHz sampling
  • State analysis up to 125 MHz
  • SPI and I²C monitor
  • Waveform viewer

+ Advanced data filtering

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LOG Storm high speed digital data logger

Logic Analyzer vs. Digital Data Logger?

Logic analyzer…

Build protocol library
…is useful to collect samples. Within the limits of their internal memory, it defines ‘visibility window’ over digital lines and bus. Once its memory is full, data is ready for analysis with a waveform viewer. Usually, they can automatically rearm trigger, which allows extending the reach over data traffic. This introduces latencies, though, and you can miss interesting information.
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Digital data logger…

Build protocol library
…is data-oriented. It uses data filtering or data qualification techniques to select and gather the data traffic that’s relevant for you. A digital data logger is also able to be ‘always-on’, enabling data capture over longer work times. As a data logger, LOG Storm allows splitting capture into multiple files and automatic data streaming to your PC.
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Involved in FPGA design?

What about logging from inside the chip?

EXOSTIV is a complete solution used to record up to 8GB of trace data captured with an IP from inside the FPGA.

Get access to thousand of internal nodes of FPGA running at speed.
– Record unprecedented FPGA times of operation
– Capture rare or non-repeating events
– See more from your FPGA in the lab

With LOG Storm, you get: Logic Analyzer + Digital Data Logger + SPI Monitor + I²C Monitor

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LOG Storm Studio


LOG Storm – USB Logic Analyzer – High Speed Data Logger – SPI / I²C Analyzer October 29, 2012