END OF LIFE NOTICE – Storm, Xpress & GP241xx series

As of April, 23rd, 2018, Byte Paradigm announces the end-of-life of all models of SPI Storm, LOG Storm, Xpress and GP-241xx series.
Our stocks are exhausted.

SPI Storm advanced SPI Adapter

    • Up to 100 MHz operation
    • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    • Dual-SPI, Quad-SPI
    • Bi-directional and open-drain I/O
    • 8-bit GPO / digital pattern generator
    • Up to 32 MB total memory

+ Custom protocol engine.

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… the highest effective data throughput we have seen on any USB SPI adapter…
— H. Storm, Fingerprint Cards

How does it work?

1. Set up serial protocol

Build protocol library

2. Build up sequences

Build read/write sequences

3. Run & retrieve data

Run sequences

Define how SPI Storm should access your slave and build up a library of commands.
Select standard protocol like SPI or Quad-SPI. Need something more exotic? The protocol definition engine lets you define when the device should read and/or write, keep HI-Z, pause – and many more options…
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Build up sequences of accesses from your library.
A large program buffer lets you pile up commands in order to get minimal or pre-defined latency between accesses.
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Execute your sequences from SPI Storm Studio and access your slave with your USB 2.0 SPI Storm device.
Retrieve data read from your slave(s) and save them on your PC.
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Technical resources


SPI Storm Studio


SPI Storm – Serial Protocol Host Adapter October 29, 2012