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SPI Storm – Serial Protocol Host Adapter

END OF LIFE NOTICE – Storm, Xpress & GP241xx series

As of April, 23rd, 2018, Byte Paradigm announces the end-of-life of all models of SPI Storm, LOG Storm, Xpress and GP-241xx series.

The sales of the devices mentioned above will continue within the limits of our stocks. If the stocks are not sufficient to fulfill orders, minimum order quantities apply to all new productions.

SPI Storm advanced SPI Adapter

    • Up to 100 MHz operation
    • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    • Dual-SPI, Quad-SPI
    • Bi-directional and open-drain I/O
    • 8-bit GPO / digital pattern generator
    • Up to 32 MB total memory

+ Custom protocol engine.

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… the highest effective data throughput we have seen on any USB SPI adapter…
— H. Storm, Fingerprint Cards

Price : 1,200 EUR

How does it work?

1. Set up serial protocol

Build protocol library

2. Build up sequences

Build read/write sequences

3. Run & retrieve data

Run sequences

Define how SPI Storm should access your slave and build up a library of commands.
Select standard protocol like SPI or Quad-SPI. Need something more exotic? The protocol definition engine lets you define when the device should read and/or write, keep HI-Z, pause – and many more options…
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Build up sequences of accesses from your library.
A large program buffer lets you pile up commands in order to get minimal or pre-defined latency between accesses.
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Execute your sequences from SPI Storm Studio and access your slave with your USB 2.0 SPI Storm device.
Retrieve data read from your slave(s) and save them on your PC.
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SPI Storm Studio


SPI Storm – Serial Protocol Host Adapter October 29, 2012

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