END OF LIFE NOTICE – Storm, Xpress & GP241xx series

As of April, 23rd, 2018, Byte Paradigm announces the end-of-life of all models of SPI Storm, LOG Storm, Xpress and GP-241xx series.

The sales of the devices mentioned above will continue within the limits of our stocks. If the stocks are not sufficient to fulfill orders, minimum order quantities apply to all new productions.

SPI Storm SPI, Quad-SPI, and custom serial protocol host adapter

SPI Storm :

The fastest SPI Host Adapter with support of Dual-SPI, Quad-SPI (SQI) and custom serial protocol.
Use it to write and read on SPI, Quad-SPI (SQI) and many other serial protocols interfaces from PC. Supports many protocols up to 100 MHz and allows serial protocol customization. Features a 8-bit GPO / digital pattern generator. USB-powered. Delivered with Win32/64 GUI and free C/C++ API.

LOG Storm logic analyzer, data logger, I²C and SPI analyzer

LOG Storm :

Logic Analyzer, High-speed Digital Data Logger and I²C / SPI Analyzer.
All-around USB device for digital system analysis. Can be used as a simple 20 bit logic analyzer with large 8 MS storage memory. Unique features include: data logger capability, with ‘always-on’/gigabyte-range data recording to PC. Includes hardware data qualification / data filtering capabilities usually reserved to high-end logic analyzers. Now includes fast SPI / I²C protocol decoding on up to 20 serial lines and display in waveform viewer.

Wave Gen Xpress digital pattern generator

Wave Gen Xpress :

Digital Pattern Generator / Digital Word Generator
No-compromise PC-controlled digital pattern generator with up to 32 MB pattern memory, 16-bit wide patterns and 100 MHz operation. Generate digital inputs for your digital IC, ASIC, FPGA and digital board. Extract digital input vectors from simulation and apply them to a *real* device under test. Solution for early design testing, for missing parts emulation and corner case testing. Discover one of our most unique and successful products so far.

GP-241xx multi-function embedded system interface

GP-241xx Series :

Multi-function Digital Pattern Generator with entry-level Logic Analyzer and SPI and I²C Master – including:
– Our digital pattern generator engine – identical to Wave Gen Xpress.
– Our first generation logic, SPI and I²C interfaces
For advanced Logic, SPI and I²C Analyzers see: LOG Storm.
For advanced serial protocol host adapter, see : SPI Storm.

Discontinued products:

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