Wave Gen Xpress – General specifications

Device type Digital Pattern Generator with USB 2.0 high speed PC interface
Other names Data Pattern Generator – Data Timing Generator – Digital Word Generator – Arbitrary Digital Pattern Generator
Pattern Width / Data Width 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 bit
Data rate Up to 200 MB/s (16 bit @ 100 MHz)
Pattern frequency 800 Hz to 100 MHz
Pattern memory 8 MB or 32 MB
Special purpose I/O resources 6x Control lines for trigger definition
1x Clock in
1x Clock out
Power supply & Voltages USB-powered
I/O voltage from 1.25V to 3.3V
Default I/O voltage: 3.3V LVCMOS
I/O voltages lower than 3.3V must be supplied externally
Max 8 mA per I/O
PC connection USB 2.0 high speed
Software 8PI Control Panel (ADWG mode of operation) – Win 32/64 – GUI & free C/C++ API provided
Wave Gen Xpress – Advanced information January 6, 2013