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About Us

Byte Paradigm is an independent provider of design services and solutions for testing and debugging electronic systems, incorporated in Belgium in 2005.
The Company designs high-speed digital electronic systems for industrial data processing applications. Since 2007 it supplies innovative embedded electronics testing and debugging solutions.

The Company was founded by 3 specialists of electronic hardware and software design – Frederic Leens, Didier Martiny and Olivier Rasmont. Main operations are located in Wavre, Belgium.

Byte Paradigm sells its products and services to OEM manufacturers using electronics and semiconductor companies worldwide.

Byte Paradigm is proud to count major international companies such as Intel, RFMD, Texas Instruments, Infineon and Cisco among its hundreds of customers.

Our vision

Electronic technologies require a new generation of tools that enable higher productivity during design and allows faster time-to-market -especially in testing and debugging.

Electronic design is wonderful. It connects people everywhere, anytime. It allows watching movies in 3D in the living room. It enables new, better, medicine every day. It lets the airplanes fly; it is at the source of a lot a fun and people interactions. Electronics are everywhere and mostly unnoticed.
This social acceptance is a huge success for the electronics industry.

Because it is so common and entrenched in our daily life, electronics has become a real commodity. Demand for new, more powerful applications has never been so high with an insatiable hunger for ubiquitous always connected computing. ‘Market opportunity windows’ for new electronic products have never been so narrow. We believe that the main challenge is in testing and debugging.

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