PC Instruments for Test and Debug
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Speed up embedded system and FPGA verification.

We enable stimulus generation and increase visibility on FPGA, digital IC, board and bus.
We provide software-controlled instruments to generate digital inputs, analyze embedded system response and debug FPGA.
We enable faster debugging on 'real-world' digital hardware.

Debug FPGA

Debug FPGA

Uncover a new type of embedded instrument for FPGA. Get 200,000 times more visibility at speed than traditional solution and boost in-lab productivity.
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Record and Analyze

Record and analyze

Record gigabytes of trace data. Visualize them at bit level. Decode I²C and SPI serial protocols. Probe embedded systems with our logic analyzers and data loggers.
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Read/Write Serial Bus

Read and write serial bus

Communicate with your embedded system directly from PC. Access SPI, Quad-SPI or define your own custom serial protocol with our range of serial host adapters.
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Generate Digital Input

Generate input

Explore stimulus-and-response test scenarios. Decide what you apply at the inputs of your digital IC or board. All you need is a PC and our digital pattern generators.
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